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What is DGold and our project

DGold is different from the other crypto currencies that are offered on a very rich market today, made by top experts and supported by over 1700 co-founders around the world. Behind it standing many unprofitable freelance, anti-globalization organizations, with over 200 academics, scientists and researchers from Serbia, from whole Balkan, partly of Western Europe, America, Russia, the United Emirates, China, Japan, India and the rest of the world.

DGold will be the official pay-roller of a unified multi-investing and marketing system called Easy Cloud. It will be your everyday digital money. With it, you will be able to buy it through our websites, but also others which will accept it in the future. You will be able to trade it in our internal currency exchange, change it for other crypto currencies, USD, EURO, RUBLE, BTC, ETH etc.

Our project contains four phases as follows:

  • Investment part  implies that investors invest in our projects and for this they receive certain earnings in percentages. In this case, investing in a DGold coin,
  • Development part providing funds for the launch of six self-sustaining subsystems, in which money will be added for payouts from external sources by mining other crypts,
  • Investment plan in the construction of the research of solar and ecological center providing funds for the construction of a center that will be engaged in alternative researches,
  • Starting our social network

In order to develop our projects, DGold by the end of this year it can reach 25$ to 30$! In 2019 it is very easy to reach 100$ per piece! By 2020 we expect it to reach 500$ and more!

DGold AirDrop

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DGold Mining

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DGold PTC System

Many of you know what PTC means (clicking paid ads). I do not think that we must so much talk about it.
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DGold Investing Game

We have plans to introduce games where you will be able to make money and pay on your payment processor.
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DGold Auction System

This system will bring something that you can only dream of.
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DGold Exchange

So, just like on our site you can see that the Pre ICO will last until the price of our coin reaches 0.01 $.
When the price of coin reaches that value, we will integrate our currency exchanger which will be with internal character.
You will be able to sell you coins between yourselves at the prices you choose and which will be profitable for you.
Later we plan to bring our coin to other official currency exchangers that will accept our coin.

Why is our concept different from the others?

At Pre-ICO stage the most important thing is to buy as many DGold coin as you can and at lower prices is possible. When you buy our DGold, you have it and you can work with it what you want.

You can keep it and wait for it to increase its value, you can sell it, change it or give it to someone, it is yours and it is up to you to use it. With other similar systems, you “rent” coins and get a certain profit in percentage for it, but, with us, you buy and own a DGolds coin and you owned it permanently.

Earnings from buying DGold Coins

After finishing Pre-ICO and launching the main ICO program, you will get a 150% dollars on stake for purchasing DGold coins at the Pre-ICO stage.
For example, buy DGold coins for 1000 $ upon launch of the ICO you receive 5% daily working days, up to 150% or in this case 1500$

Possibility of switching the DGold coin to our internal buyer and later to other major public stock markets, as well as selling it to existing or new investors

The ability to sell our DGold coin in our exchange gives us the advantage over other coin movers, because they do not have this option. Their coins which you buy who knows when you can sell, this is not the case with us. Immediately upon the launch of the ICO you will be able to offer your coins in our exchange and like this earn from buying from new investors who missed Pre-ICO. For example, in the Pre-ICO phase buy coins at a price of 0.001 $ which worth to you 1000$ and sell them to a buyer at a price of 0.005 $, you have earned 5 times more than the stake, you earn 5000 $


PRE ICO price at which you buy Coins


The value of the purchased Coin in the PRE ICO phase


An example of your price for selling coins in a currency exchange


Your earnings in relation to the stake is $ 5000, or 5 times more

Total Supply

Total Supply


Link to the our DGold ETH address

Token Decimals

Token Decimals


Link to the exchange office


Timetable project line

Pre-ICO Selling DGold coins to the stock expiration as is it anticipated. DGold gets the value when you investing in it. (buying stronger equipment for mining the crypto currencies, whose earnings will be paid to investors by launching the ICO phase of the project)
March 2018
ICO DGold becomes the official currency of the whole project with a strong currency background. Payout to investors of 150% (5% on working days) on the stake of the purchased DGold coins and the possibility of switching and selling the DGold in our exchange.
July 2018
Construction of solar and ecological center research Planning to build a research center that will deal with antiglobalistic and alternative topics, as well as research on high-tech fields.
October 2019
Establishing foundations for accelerating and developing birthrate An extremely important thing to emphasize is the accelerating of birthrate to exist in the future as a people and to maintain our national identity.
November 2019
Construction of eco village and park in valley of Rtanj, the largest pyramid in the world in the surroundings of Soko Banja in Serbia The project of exceptional national importance besides the affiliation of Rtanj as a tourist destination, we are also dealing with researches aimed at publishing truth to whole world about him as the world’s largest pyramid.
February 2020
Long term project of building the solar city The construction of the Solar City, which will consist of several parts, which will, when putting together, build a larger whole and the city on any place of the planet Earth, in order to rescue from natural disasters, climate disorders or cataclysms.
March 2020

Motivation of the project of establishing the working solar and ecological center

Participation in this project initiates:

Safe and regular financial benefits.

Primary provision of business space and the necessary resources for the work of the ecologic movement of Novi Sad, the most successful ecological organization in Europe according to the germans Green and fraternal Sangejzing organization evaluation, as well as other related organizations and associations that share the same orientation program.

Second, providing resources for research work, engaging personnel and securing the required equipment.

Third, independent research on multiple fields for the benefit of the entire human being through local and regional areas.

Activities to whom will a solar and ecological research center dealing with

The scientific solar and ecological center research will explore the phenomena and activities aimed at reducing mankind, which are more less fully publicized, such as:

  1. Pollution of urban residents by chemical poisons from the airplane is also known by the English name and the appearance of chemtrails,
  2. The Influence of Products of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in nutrition on humans,
  3. Influence of GMO crops on natural environment,
  4. Influence of herbicides created to treat GMO crops on the soil (glyphosate),
  5. Analysis of the provisions and delineation of the aim of Kodex Alimentarius, code of conduct on the execution of human genocide,
  6. Research on the consequences of the use of dangerous additives in food products for the health of the population,
  7. Investigation of chlorine and fluorine in drinking water into the health of the population,
  8. Research on the composition and impact of vaccines on the health of vaccinated children,
  9. Statistical study of disease and mortality (morbidity and mortality) of the population after the introduction of certain vaccines into use,
  10. Investigation of the effects of alternative drugs on malignant and other diseases,
  11. Studying the effects of solar energy on human health, as well as the benefits of Vitamin D created in the body under the influence of solar energy,
  12. Genetic and other researches to prove the autochthony of the Balkan population from the countries of the former Yugoslavia and to connect with the inhabitants of Vince civilization.

Researches in the field of high technological provisions

  1. Research and study of Tesla’s finds,
  2. Studying the possibilities of applying technical innovations in everyday life,
  3. Research in the field of robotics, nanotechnology, drones, the use of cybernetics and prostheses, as well as other useful things for society,
  4. Researches in the field of protection from artificial intelligence, nanobots, robots and other technological achievements that one day could turn against humanity,
  5. Investigation of the consequences of the use of psychotronic weapons on psyche and the health of the population (as a consequence of the electromagnetic radiation of base stations for mobile telephony),
  6. Research on solar power applications in industry and households,
  7. Researches in the field of renewable energy of the sun, glass, water, etc.,
  8. Investigations in the field of cannabis use in medicals and other purposes, primarily in construction, wood processing and food industry, shipbuilding and other industries,
  9. Study of the influence of electromagnetic radiation on the yield of agricultural cultures and exploration of the possibilities of production of agricultural crops without use artificial fertilizers and chemical protection products,
  10. As a long-term plan and the crown of research; construction of a sophisticated, technologically highly-equipped Solar City made up of several independent parts that will be able to enter into a single entity, building a basic city on any planet on Earth; from the fields, the forests, the mountains, to the desert and the seas. This project has been in the design since 2011. and now it has finally got a mechanism for providing the resources to work on it.

Researches in natural and spiritual consuption

The second part of the area where the scientific solar and ecological center research will be concerned is the spiritual heritage of peoples from these areas based on paleontological, archaeological, pedological, histographic and other finds in order to throw a different light on the history of the people from these areas.

A special part of this area will be the publishing activity applied to the new information technology education and informing the population.

Researching the mountain Rtanj near Soko Banja in Serbia as the largest pyramid in the world and cooperation with the foundation “The Archaeological Park: The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” from Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the presentation of the general public and the contribution of writing the story again.

Meet us

Our team

  • Miroslav Kiš

    General director
    The president of Sungejzing organization
    An independent researcher and a writer

  • Nikola Aleksić

    Executive director
    Director of ecological movement of Novi Sad

  • Dragan Davidovac

    Director of marketing and Global SEO

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